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Medical cannabis is the medical cannabis prescribed by doctors for their terminally ill patients. It has been recommended by some that medical cannabis be made available to children who suffer from debilitating diseases like cancer. Although the process of medical cannabis is still under study in numerous countries, there are several pediatricians who advocate for medical cannabis. In addition to easing pain for cancer patients, medical cannabis can also help children suffering with seizures and other serious side-effects associated with some forms of cancer treatments. Dispensary Nearby offers excellent info on this.
The main argument behind making medical cannabis available to children involves two separate but intertwined ideas. Firstly, pediatricians argue that it is important to treat children with all types of ailments as they grow up to ensure that they have strong bodies capable of resisting disease and injury as they get older. Secondly, pediatricians also believe that a child’s immature and developing brain offers unique medical benefits that medical cannabis can give his or her body. These unique medical benefits of medical cannabis sativa include an improvement in a child’s memory, movement, speech and overall awareness.
For children suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, medical cannabis can help them cope with their attacks. Post traumatic stress disorder is an emotional and mental condition resulting from exposure to violence or other intense experiences. Children who experience PTSD are usually extremely sensitive to their environment. This sensitivity can manifest itself in hyperactive behavior, poor concentration, insomnia, depression, anxiety, emotional sensitivity and fears. Even though a large number of children with PTSD do not develop chronic illnesses, these symptoms can result in negative behaviors such as skipping school, going delinquent, physical injuries, substance abuse and high school drop outs. In recent years, more medical experts are recognizing the potential benefits of medical cannabis sativa for post traumatic stress disorder

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