Concord Plantation Shutters – A Simple Yet Highly Functional Window Treatment

Plantation shutters were originally used as an addition to a plantation house to block the sun so that the production of cloth, oil, paint and other goods could be carried out at a high temperature. Shutters were constructed using three and sometimes four pieces which were attached either by glues or cords, were fixed together by iron railings on each side and were often topped with a skirting of leaves to protect them from the sun. Plantation shutters were designed to allow maximum light in and still have the air movement necessary for drying cotton and other fabrics during the hot summer months. A plantation shutter is typically a strong and sturdy window covering usually consisting simply of a framework of horizontal planks fixed vertically to a frame made of iron or wood.  Often these shutters are referred to as plantation shutters or louvered shutters. Shutters designed for use on windows in interior rooms usually have slats of either wood or metal which slide to a top or bottom opening on the side allowing maximum light and air circulation through the room. Plantation shutters were originally used to block the sun during the summer months, but today they are used for the purpose of blocking heat from entering a room during the winter. Have a look at Concord Plantation Shutters.

Shutters designed for interior windows can also act as a decorative piece by allowing the homeowner to choose the colors of the slats and, in many cases, have custom painted designs on the interior of the louvered panels.

Many homeowners also like to add plantation shutters to their windows as a more customized window treatment that fits the dimensions of the room as well as the style preferences of the homeowner. For example, homeowners who prefer a louvered look on their shutters may choose a wood plantation shutter, which is available in maple, oak or mahogany. On the other hand, homeowners who would prefer to have fabric plantation shutters on their windows can choose to have vinyl plantation shutters, or even macrame shutters.

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