Considering a New Roof For Your Home This Winter – Important Reminder!

Winter is a lovely season, but it can be challenging for your home’s roof. The white stuff can cause serious problems for your home, particularly if you live in an area where snowfall is common. There’s still the issue of ice to consider. These aren’t things you’d like to put your life on the line for. Here are some of the most popular winter roofing issues, as well as solutions. Feel free to visit their website at check for more for more details.

Ice dams are a major problem to be concerned with in the winter. There are ice chunks that get trapped in the gutters, as the name implies. When they melt and fresh water falls onto your roof, it becomes trapped and unable to drain. The dams in the gutters direct the water back over your roof, where it can cause a variety of problems. Standing water seeps through the shingles and into the attic. Water leaking through your roof will easily ruin it. To avoid ice jams, make sure your gutters are clear before the worst of the weather arrives. If you already have them, hire a licenced roofer to handle the job.

Leaks are a big problem during the winter season because of the heavy snowfall. Snow accumulates on the roof, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does begin to melt. The weight on the roof, combined with the dripping water, can cause serious problems. Roofing leaks are common during the winter months. Keep an eye out for damp spots or discoloured areas on the walls and ceilings. While you might not be able to see real dripping water, you can tell when a part of the house is warped or discoloured. You probably don’t want to deal with snow removal yourself, so hire a professional to do it for you.

Another issue with heavy snow is that it has the potential to slip off, causing a mini-avalanche on top of your building. Since the snow has to go somewhere, pieces of it break off and fall from the sky. A big hunk of snow will completely pull your gutters off the building, posing a serious threat. It may also damage shrubs and trees in the vicinity of the building. If your home isn’t properly insulated, snow will accumulate and cause leaks. Before winter arrives, make sure your insulation is in good shape and that your gutters are clear. It’s also a good idea to get your roof cleaned of snow on a regular basis by a roofing company.

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