Custom Window Shades And Blinds

Moving into a new house is wonderful – at least until you see all of the naked windows and realise they must be covered! It may seem that measuring each window and going to the shop to buy blinds to suit each one is a simple procedure, but you may find that many of your windows are a few inches outside of the normal sizes available. On the surface, this may seem to be a major problem, but the answer to your window covering issue may be as easy as bespoke window shades and blinds for your house. While many retail shops sell bespoke window shades, you can also buy them online from a variety of websites. This will make your shopping experience much simpler and more pleasant.Feel free to find more information at Blinds By Design.

Custom Window Shades & Blinds: How to Measure

The most essential aspect of the custom window shades and blinds ordering procedure is measuring your windows for the window treatments. To ensure that this procedure is done as precisely as possible, you may follow certain recommendations. To begin, measure your window using a steel measuring tape, since this will give you the most accurate reading. Make a note of your dimensions to the eighth of an inch, and don’t round them up. Keep note of which dimension is for width and which is for height, since it’s easy to mix the two and end up with bespoke window blinds that don’t suit your window at all!

If you want to instal your custom window coverings on the inside of your window frame, you’ll need to provide an accurate measurement to the manufacturer, who will then subtract a tiny amount from the width and length to guarantee the treatment fits into your opening. If you want your custom window blinds to be mounted on the outside of your window frame, you should provide the blind business the dimensions for the blinds themselves. They will not make any adjustments and will build the treatments to the precise specifications you provided. You may be sure of obtaining bespoke window coverings that suit your window precisely if you follow these measurement instructions carefully and correctly.

Custom shades and blinds may be a lovely addition to your home’s decor, and they can be used to spruce up any window space, no matter how large. You may pick from a range of sizes and finishes in traditional wood or fake wood designs. Look for a business that can make bespoke blinds for you now, and enjoy your beautiful new window coverings!

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