Dog clicker training is gentle, effective, and enjoyable.

There are a variety of dog training methods, but clicker training is one of the gentlest, most effective, and enjoyable. Clicker training for dogs requires practise, patience, persistence, and consistency, just like any other dog training approach.
What Is Clicker Training and How Does It Work?

To begin, it’s critical to recognise that clicker training is solely based on positive reinforcement. You don’t yell at your dog or physically force him to do anything. Clicker training for dogs does not include any form of punishment, whether it’s scolding or something more physical.

Clicker training’s gentle, reward-based tactics train dogs by employing time-tested psychological concepts, rather than harsh punishment. This scientifically-backed training method capitalises on a simple, easy-to-understand core premise of dog psychology: conduct that is positively reinforced (rewarded) is more likely to be repeated, whereas conduct that is not favourably reinforced (ignored) is less likely to be repeated.Find additional information see this here.

Allowing your dog to hear an audible click at the precise moment he is performing what you want, then promptly rewarding that desired action with a treat, is known as clicker training. Because he’ll identify the click with obtaining a treat, your dog will quickly develop a fondness for hearing it and will try hard to make it happen. The clicker basically tells your dog which behaviour you want him to do and that if he accomplishes it, he’ll get a treat. While your dog is performing the activity you’re teaching him, you utilise vocal orders and/or hand signs.

You gradually phase out the clicking as your dog learns the commands connected with that behaviour. Treats can be phased away if your dog has built a solid association between your commands and the desired behaviour, completing it consistently every time.
Clicker training for dogs employs the power of positive association rather than penalising unwanted behaviour. You click to mark (identify) the precise behaviour you wish to praise, and then you award it right away. Clicker training sessions are very motivating since undesired acts are ignored (and unpunished) while positive behaviours are rewarded. You can teach your dog practically anything with clicker training, including classic obedience commands and tricks.

The Clicker in Its Own Right
The clicker is a plastic hand-held device that is affordable. When you press the little metal button or strip, it makes a loud, quick click. Dogs have excellent hearing and can detect the click from up to 30 yards away. It’s hard for your dog to mistake the click because it’s identifiable and always sounds the same.

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