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Whether you prefer to call it a fork hoist, lift truck, pallet truck, sideloader, or stacker-truck, driving a forklift is a rewarding and integral position in the flourishing skilled labor sector. Having knowledge and experience in operating lift truck machinery can land you a variety of high-paying jobs in warehouse, retail, construction and industrial settings. Driving a forklift certainly requires practice, training and a bit of intuition but does it require certification? Visit us on Forklift Train the Trainer in Newark.

The short answer is no, but confusion on this topic is not uncommon. OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a government entity that oversees safety regulations in the workplace. As you can imagine, when dealing with heavy machinery, elevated inventory and powered vehicles, safety is a big concern. OSHA’a standards apply strictly to the employer and they are responsible for adhering & enforcing those rules among drivers and trainers. OSHA does not administer their own forklift training nor do they offer any form of universal certification for forklift operators.

Employers and supervisors are expected to either appoint a highly-knowledgeable forklift driver as the company’s site trainer or hire outside trainers to ensure new hires are well-versed on OSHA’s vision of safety and protocol. Third party forklift training can be found at local industrial rental houses, truck driving schools, and dedicated forklift schools in your area. Some training services are even available online but demonstrating actual driving skills is an integral part of getting a job in the field so it is recommended to seek a “real world” training solution. Not to mention, for such a hands-on skill, online training is not entirely impressive to an employer.

Some training services will grant trainees a certificate of completion but it is merely specific to that particular course and is not by any means a universal forklift certification. Keep in mind that future job opportunities may require you to take a specific training class, regardless of your previous experience or certification. Many courses and programs will also provide graduates with a wallet card demonstration completion to current and future employers upon request (think of it as a mini diploma). The wallet card does not serve as a license to operate a forklift as OSHA does not require a license of any kind. By law, forklift drivers must be 18 years or older and in an appropriate state to safely operate the machinery at hand. Enforcing the rest is up to the employer and is propelled by their willingness to weigh risk, safety, fines and penalties.

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