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Orbital and gynecological diagnostics are the medical field, which include the two subspecializations of gynecological and obstetric; the former involves detection of diseases and problems in the reproductive system; and the latter involves problems and diseases in the urinary tract, reproductive organs, vagina, urethra, and cervix. It is also known as obstetric and maternal diagnostics. There are many specialties which are related to this field. These specialties include gynecological oncology, obstetric oncology, infertility medicine, and pregnancy testing. Hampton OBGYN offers excellent info on this.


Obstetric and maternal Fetal medicine are the specialization which involves treatment and diagnosis of problems in the reproductive system of pregnant women. For example, a problem in the reproductive organ of a woman such as problems in pregnancy, preterm delivery, miscarriages, birth defects, etc can be diagnosed and treated with the help of obstetric oncology. Women who cannot achieve normal pregnancy or have difficulties in delivering babies can be referred to this subspecialty. The diagnostic tests that are performed in this subspecialty include maternal-fetal ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, tomography, blood cell count, fluorescence and pregnancy test. Blood tests for glucose, protein, lipids, potassium, salt, creatine, thyroid, etc are also performed in this subspecialty.

There are many other specialties which are related to OBGYN. For example, an OBGYN specialist can specialize into viva treatment. In addition, there are many specialties which are related to gynecological cardiology. These include pelvic and abdominal gynecological cardiology, gynecological radiology, gynecological ultrasound, fertility gynecologist, gynecologic pathologists, infertility specialist, and endocrinologist. Apart from these, an OBGYN specialist can also specialize into chronic obstetrician/gynecologist, pediatrician, and heath care specialist. An OBGYN specialist is closely associated with reproductive health care and family planning, so you should make an appointment for a check-up to know more about the services provided by an OBGYN doctor.

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