Over The Top Roofing -An Overview

Although no one wants to spend money on a new roof, there are a variety of reasons why you will need to do so. When getting a new roof, you’ll also need to hire a decent roofing contractor. Visit us on Over The Top Roofing.

When it comes to home improvement ventures, most homeowners do not have a new roof on their wish list. When it comes to protecting your home and its contents from the elements, a new roof is a worthwhile investment. Repairing or replacing a roof is not a do-it-yourself job. When it’s time for a new roof and you need a roofing estimate, you’ll need to hire a good roofing contractor. What are the signs that it’s time to hire a contractor? Here are some signs that it’s time to rebuild your roof.

Cupped or curled shingles are a common sign of roof material deterioration and can often be a precursor to leaks, even if most of us don’t check our roofs on a regular basis. From the street, cupped or curled shingles on residential roofing can be seen. It’s time to contact a roofing contractor if you see one of these on your roof.

The material used to bind the roof materials is called flashing. It’s common near chimneys and where the roof levels change. It’s time to check the roof if you can see flashing from the ground and it seems to be moving away from the other roof materials. If you don’t feel comfortable inspecting your roof yourself, a roofing contractor will usually inspect it for free and provide you with a roofing estimate if the flashing is damaged. If the flashing fails, water will be able to seep through the roof material and into the building.

There are granules on asphalt shingles that coat the shingles and contribute to their defensive qualities. The shingles become unstable as the granules start to come loose and fall down, making your roof more vulnerable to leaks and further damage. After a heavy rain, you can notice granules on the ground underneath your home’s eaves. If this is the case, a new roof, or at the very least roofing repairs, may be needed. Missing granules can also be caused by hail damage.

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