PRP For Hair Loss Treatment

PRP for hair loss treatment has become more popular in recent years. It is a form of laser surgery that increases the amount of blood flow to your scalp. This increases the amount of nutrients your follicle roots receive and allows them to grow stronger. Because this technique only works with healthy follicles, it is safe for people with any type of thinning hair or balding. It can even be used on women who have been through pregnancy and those who are undergoing hormonal treatments. check it out for more info.

The basic principle behind the use of PRP for hair restoration is that the scalp is permanently damaged, and then the hair roots are starved of the nutrients they need to grow strong and stay healthy. After several months of inactivity, thinning hair and bald spots begin to appear. Over four to six treatments spaced apart, PRP can dramatically increase blood flow to the scalp and can also result in new hair growth. Most patients need 4-6 individual treatments spaced several weeks apart, however some may need less. Maintenance treatments are often available once you achieve your desired results.

If you are interested in having PRP for hair loss surgery performed, you will be required to have a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) blood draw. You can have a blood draw anywhere from three to five days prior to the procedure. To prepare for your blood draw, you should follow all of your doctor’s orders for diet, exercise, medication and any other health conditions you may have. Your blood work will be checked by the doctor prior to the procedure to ensure that it is within the recommended range for you. Your doctor may also recommend that you receive PRP injections prior to the procedure to further increase your chances of successful treatment.

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