Silver Spring Leg Doctor Can Get Rid of Your Chronic Venous Insufficiency

If you have been suffering with pain in your legs for quite some time, you should see a doctor about a serious condition called Leg Doctor. If you are suffering from Arthritis, have chronic knee pain, or any other serious condition that affects the knee, it is essential that you see a doctor right away. In one group falls out of this list: severe injuries. You might have already suffered a serious sprain, for instance, which will need to be treated by a leg doctor. Or, perhaps you twisted your ankle, causing a sprain. This can be treated by Radio Frequency Ablation. This type of surgery is performed by having an ultrasound applied to a large area of the patient’s leg, and a radio frequency is passed through the modified needle of the machine. The radio frequency ablation “shorts” the blood vessels in the damaged area, causing severe leg swelling and pain. Have a look at Silver Spring Leg Doctor.

The other main problem that causes leg swelling is chronic venous insufficiency. For those of you who do not know, venous insufficiency is caused when the veins in your legs do not transport enough blood, or if the valves in the veins are weak. When there is not enough blood being transported, your body cannot get rid of toxins, which then find their way into the soft tissues of your body. If this happens over time, the person develops a serious pain in the affected areas.

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