Sleep Apnea – Things To Know

While the symptoms of sleep apnea may seem like just something that happens when you go to bed, in reality it is much more serious than that. For those who have had no trouble sleeping through the night before, but suddenly begin to have breathing interruptions each night while they are asleep should seek medical attention immediately. If this occurs with a spouse or roommate, then separate treatment is needed depending on how loud they are when sleeping, as loud snoring is a potential symptom of sleep apnea.Do you want to learn more? Visit Tuckahoe Sleep Apnea

One treatment option is for the person to lose some weight. Losing weight will increase the airway’s elasticity, which allows for the throat to open and clear more completely. They may also need to lose some muscle mass in the area of the airway, as the muscle can be one of the contributing factors to obstructing the airway. This is a much less drastic treatment option than surgery, but it still needs to be tried in order to determine if it will work. The surgery option will then be considered if the person is suffering from more sever cases of the disease.

Many people are not familiar with the benefits of meditation, so one of the many ways to treat sleep apnea is to learn how to relax and meditate. There are an abundance of different techniques and ways to relax, such as yoga and deep breathing. Another effective technique is learning to count out loud noises, such as the television or radio. By clearing your mind, you are helping to eliminate the tension in the area of the airway and relaxing the muscles. This will allow easier passage of air through the airway, which in turn relieves the restlessness, snoring, and sleep apnea associated with the disorder.

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