Sugar Land Auto Insurance – Overview

Auto insurance can be purchased for both personal and business use. The basic insurance policy types for these plans are very similar. However, there are also some significant differences. For instance, most personal auto policies usually exclude commercial vehicles used primarily for business functions. Most business auto policies also require a separate insurance policy to cover the vehicles that are owned solely for business reasons. Both types of policies usually include bodily injury and property damage coverage. Sugar Land Auto Insurance offers excellent info on this.
Bodily Injury: Bodily injury refers to damage or illness-related injuries to an individual that is not due to auto accident and that may occur in a moving vehicle, such as a truck or van. Property Damage: Property damage refers to physical damage to a vehicle that is not caused by an auto accident. This usually includes vandalism or theft. It does not, however, include any damage resulting from normal operation of the vehicle, such as tire blowouts. The policy will specify the circumstances under which this type of damage is permitted, as well as the type of coverage required.
Uninsured Motorist Coverage Repayments: Similar to bodily injury and property damage, uninsured motorist coverage reimburses for any damage that is not caused as a result of an automobile accident and is not the fault of the insured. The policy will specify under what circumstances the insured will be responsible for all damages. In most states, this type of coverage will require the driver to have no-fault coverage, which provides the driver with coverage in the event of a traffic accident regardless of who was at fault.