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Big Bucks and Bail Bonds – Lesson Learned

So, we’re all going to make mistakes, right? I’m sure I do. That night, I made some. Port Orchard Bail The good news is that I learned a lot and was able to give a friend much better advice, saving them the hassle I had when it came time for him to get a bail bond. Allow me to recount the events of the day.

It all started innocently enough when I ran into some old college buddies at a local pub to celebrate an old friend’s bachelor party. We had a small meal, a few beers, and a lot of laughter. I had a glass of water as it was getting close to closing time and felt confident that I would be able to make it back to my apartment, which was just seven miles away. As you would expect, I got the worst view of my life not two miles from the parking lot. In the rearview mirror, all I could see were blinking red and blue lights. The first error started to show its ugly head.

I was blowing for a breathalyser test and taking a long and solemn trip to the police station in the blink of an eye. I was led to a holding cell to wait after a mug shot, fingerprinting, and being booked for DWI. With so much free time on my hands, I began to wonder what I might do. That’s when I remembered something that would prove to be a stumbling block in the process. Parking passes that have not been charged. I just had three or four from downtown visits, and I had never gotten around to paying them. This was not going to be of any use.

That minor snafu irritated the judge, and he set my bail at a level that was higher than the money I had on hand. I guess I’d proven myself to be a liar, and he wasn’t going to let me get away with much. I dialled my roommate’s number to see if he could come up with the money to post bail and get me out of jail. There was no such luck. On the way in, I passed by some of those bail bond companies and grabbed a phone book to call one. I went with the guy who had the biggest ad and he agreed to help me out for a fee of 5% of my bail sum. The third blunder. I wanted to get out of prison, and I didn’t want a bounty hunter after me if I didn’t pay him back, so I hired him and borrowed money to pay him everything I owed him.

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