What Is Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF)?

Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy, sometimes called low frequency magnetic therapy, makes use of electromagnetic fields to cure pain and non-standardized fractures in people. In July 2021, the FDA had approved some such magnetic therapy devices for sale. These devices, including jewelry pendants, pacemakers and wristbands, are said by supporters of the technology to release natural healing energy, which is then supposed to be transmitted to the affected area. Supporters say that even a small amount of such energy can heal nerve damage, pain and inflammation. Find out this here Pulsed Energy Technologies

The only thing that’s not clear is how the generated magnetic field affects the body outside the device. Some critics say that the only effect is the pain relief provided by the pendant. Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapies are said to be used to relieve pain and promote blood circulation. However, there are claims that the energy can interfere with hearing and vision and can cause stress and chronic fatigue. Even though this technology is relatively new, the FDA has approved a few well-known brands of pemf devices for sale.

The science behind Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is still in its infancy. Several scientists claim that the science has not been proved, but many advocates of this treatment say it has many proven benefits. The science behind this treatment dates back to a visit to a London clinic in 1977 where a man was treated with pemphigoid, a rare medical condition resulting from nerve damage caused by an electric shock. After several months, the man developed acute attacks of pain that were not associated with any other disease. After following protocol based on the findings of this clinic, more lab studies were conducted and in the process the field became better understood.