Your First Visit to A Chiropractor – What to Expect

So, you’ve decided to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor, but what should you expect? What is the doctor’s plan? Is it going to hurt? Spring Hill Chiropractor offers excellent info on this.

It should take some time for you to visit a chiropractor for the first time. Run out of the room if the doctor steps in and wants to start “cracking” your spine right away! Any reputable chiropractor would never modify a patient without first learning about their condition.


The doctor should sit down with you and go over your specific condition in depth. He should be inquisitive and ask a lot of questions. What exactly is the source of your discomfort? When did it all begin? Have you ever been in pain like this before? Do you have an acute, dull, or achy pain? All of these questions are crucial in determining the actual source of the problem.

Once the doctor gets all of the information he requires, he should conduct an examination. The exam will differ depending on the chiropractor, but in general, they will do a number of examinations. They may examine your range of motion to see if your spine is functioning appropriately. Orthopedic tests can be used to inspect your joints, while neurological testing can be done to determine how well your nerves are functioning.

If the doctor believes it is essential, x-rays of your spine may be taken after the evaluation. Chiropractors have a different perspective on x-rays than most medical doctors. Chiropractors assess the alignment of each vertebrae in the spine in addition to making sure there are no broken bones or evidence of disease visible on the x-ray. They examine each vertebra to see if it is appropriately aligned with the vertebrae above and below it. They also check for vertebrae that have been rotated to one side or the other.

The doctor will begin your treatment after reviewing all of the exam and x-ray findings. The adjustment is the most common and important chiropractic treatment. The doctor uses his hands, or in certain circumstances a specialised tool, to loosen blocked joints or move bones back into place during the adjustment. It should not be a painful transition! Don’t be frightened if you hear some pops or cracks during the adjustment; nothing is breaking or cracking. The sound you hear is simply gas being released from a joint area, comparable to the lid popping off a can of coke.

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