360 Virtual Tour Consoles

‘A picture tells a thousand words’ is a familiar saying and one that is often proven to be true. But not always. Over the past ten years ‘virtual reality’ tours have become very popular on the internet. Using specially constructed panoramic photographs, and special viewing software, the end user can ‘look around’ as if they were standing in that very location. Everything from sun decks on cruise ships, to seats at race tracks have been shown off using this technology. If you want to imagine yourself sitting on a deck chair, admiring the sleek lines of your ocean liner, or you want to know how much of the race track you can see from your seat, then indeed these ‘virtual tours’ offer something which would be hard to replicate any other way. But does this help holiday makers previewing certain destinations? Well it depends on the location…and on what you want the user to understand.I strongly suggest you to visit Virtual Tour Near Me to learn more about this.

A virtual tour around a historic location, for example the ruins of a medieval village or an impressive castle, can help the end user visualise what they will see when they actually arrive there in ‘real life’. There is, however, much more than can be done to enhance their experience.

Let’s go back to that ‘picture tells a thousand words’ cliche. A rotatable panoramic image could be used to show what is there now, but how much more useful would it be if there was some text to explain what the user was looking at? Adding text to a 360 degree picture now explains what is being seen, not just the view. If we take the concept further, we can add accompanying audio (for that true multimedia experience). Archive images could be included so that the user can see what is there now and also what the same location once looked like. And they could do all this with the information spoken to them via audio and the accompanying text.

Virtual tours, or interactive guided tours as they can well be more accurately named, could then be used to provide travellers with something which will really bring a new perspective to places they have seen or intend to see. Instead of simply offering a series of stand-alone panoramic photographs with no more than a sentence for an explanation, perhaps a proper, well planned and carefully photographed tour will ensure that the traveller understands some of the fascinating tales about the place he or she is interested in?

Virtual tours can offer a wonderful enhancement to anyone’s holiday planning, especially if they are visiting somewhere historic. They can’t replace an actual visit because, no photo could ever tell a thousand words!

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