A Review of ADHD Treatments

If your child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD for short, you have a range of successful therapies at your disposal. The most popular ADHD treatments typically include the use of medications such as Ritalin or Dexedrine as a major component.

These medications alter the balance of receptors in the brain, making it easier for the person to focus. In addition, ADHD therapies should include some therapy. Teaching good study skills can also help to fight ADHD. Psychiatrist in Houston offers excellent info on this.

The issue is that many ADHD therapies focus on the neurological rather than the other causes of the condition. This is a challenge since ADHD children need assistance in properly warming up techniques and developing scenarios in which they can succeed. As an adjunct to the medications, some therapy in research skills and behaviours is needed for proper treatment of the disorder. It is not sufficient to simply medicate as an ADHD treatment because this would only fix half of the issue.

Too often, we’ve found that everyone’s approach to recovery is to simply throw drugs at it. This is so wrong and does such a disservice. Since too many children are simply given medicine to treat ADHD, there has recently been some criticism. Instead of drugging, several other types of ADHD therapies have recently emerged and gained support.

Some people claim that a healthy diet can be one of the most successful ADHD therapies. They believe that consuming the right foods and avoiding fast food, sugar, and overly refined or caffeinated foods will provide the best ADHD care without the side effects of medications. Many ADD and ADHD children despise their medications and complain that they make them feel like zombies. Why not go to a drug-free ADHD treatment if it works?

I even know some adults who use the medication to help them focus in daily life. They can become addicted to these drugs simply by taking them from the person who was prescribed them. And it’s typically their children, how sad is that?

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