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A private investigator, an investigator or investigation agent, is someone who is able to be employed by people, companies or NGOs to undertake investigative activities. Private detectives usually work in support of lawyers in criminal and civil matters. They are people who specialise in complex investigations, intelligence collection and are trained in many different aspects of the profession. Private investigators carry out surveillance, secretarial work, secret meetings, researches, document recovery, consultation and advice, and acting as agents for other professionals or confidential sources. Visit us on Private investigator in Fulshear.

There is currently no regulatory body that regulates private investigators, although some bodies have suggested the establishment of such a body in order to improve professionalism throughout the industry. The Association of Private Investigators and the Institute of Chartered Criminal Investigators are the professional bodies that provide regulatory bodies and standards of continuing education and membership for investigators. There are also several smaller professional bodies, such as the National Association of Legal Investigators and the Solicitors Regulation Authorities, both of which offer a variety of informal networking and educational opportunities for solicitors and other professionals within the investigative profession.There is currently no regulatory body that governs the Investigatory Powers Act, which allows agents and officers of the police to conduct surveillance without the permission of a judge.

Private detectives and investigators are usually hired through contacts, referrals or from companies or organisations that require such services. They are usually very careful to follow up on leads that they are sent and try to find the precise person or organisation that hired them. If there is insufficient evidence to charge a client, they will refer the case back to the original organisation or client for further investigation. Most people who hire a private investigator or PI usually want to find out the identity of a caller who called them, stopped their phone calls or made repeated harassing phone calls; they may even want to uncover proof that the husband of a partner is cheating on them.

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