Practical Solutions of the How to Structure Your Marketing Funds

However, if you want to stay in the stock market for a long time, you can make long-term investments. In today’s competitive economy, diversification is the buzzword. Invest in money market funds as well to get three to four quarters of your money back. Even if you lose money on one of the sites, gains from the other two would hold your benefit ratio in place. Money market funds are considered by many investors to be the ticket to making money. useful reference offers excellent info on this.

I will not discuss larger scale technical payment gateways or merchant accounts because I want to keep it easy and with a system and procedure that everyone can implement. You’ll need your product, which should be in digital format to keep things easy, as well as a safe, stable website, a shopping cart, and payment options (a professional payment gateway and a merchant account will come later).

To begin, the shopping cart must be integrated with the website and product. The product will be added to the shopping cart software, the price will be entered, and an auto-responder will be configured to link exclusively to the particular product, triggering a thank you email exclusively on purchase of that product, delivering all essential product and download instructions to a single email address.

Next, configure the links for your product inside your shopping cart. To keep it quick, we’ll only talk about a one-step checkout process that takes the customer to the payment processor. This connection is created automatically based on the information you entered and must be included in your product’s order now link or button on your website.

This one-step checkout URL then redirects the customer to PayPal, the simplest and most straightforward payment processor to set up. After a successful purchase via, for example, PayPal, you must now set up the ‘success page’ destination or thank you page, which will redirect the customer to the product download page.

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