Practical Solutions of the Whisk Bakery & Coffee

Bakery management refers to the process of running a bakery. Management requires a significant amount of effort, but with common sense, experience, and, of course, hard work, it does not seem to be as difficult as it seems.

Introducing cross-merchandising in the bakery is one of the most important steps in bakery management. You may do this by displaying fresh herb breads near fresh herbs, or by cutting up your loaves so that customers can sample the flavour. Cross-merchandising the bakery products with the deli and soup counters is also a good idea. Coffee should be shown alongside other bakery products to make the loaves fly off the shelf. Visit us on Whisk Bakery & Coffee.

Customers learn about the bakery from signs posted in your stores, so make sure the customer feels at ease in the bakery by offering appropriate signage. Small signs for cookies and muffins and larger signs for sectioned sections of the operation are examples of signage that can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you prefer to write your signs by hand, make sure they are readable and appealing. Colour is another significant feature of bakery show. Browns and beiges are the perfect colours for a bakery, but vibrant colours like red and yellow will brighten up any show. Don’t over- or under-light main areas of the bakery when focusing on lighting, as lighting brings the items to life. Keep an eye on lighting systems to ensure that the beams are clean and accurate, and that burned out bulbs are quickly identified and replaced.

Customers are more likely to return if the environment is clean. Customers don’t want to come into contact with a dusty food counter or a sneeze guard, so make sure your employees are wearing hairnets, caps, and plastic gloves while handling bakery products. Always have a well-stocked shelf of favourite bakery products on hand.

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