Summary about Partida Corona Medical Centre

But how can such a colossal expense be justified when the end outcome is so ambiguous? For me, it does not appear to be a sensible conclusion. One may comprehend the lockdown if the procedures performed prevented or eradicated the sickness or killed the virus. However, it just inhibits the virus’s spread. When the lockdown is removed, the infection, like any viral ailment, must eventually spread throughout society, killing many people, much as the Influenza virus did until people developed tolerance to it. Those of us with a weakened immune system, unfortunately, would be the hardest struck.Find additional information at Partida Corona Medical Center

Bureaucratic mentality, in my opinion, is what has caused us to have this problem. So, what exactly does bureaucratic thinking entail? It is a type of simplistic thinking used by governments, businesses, institutions, and professionals all across the world, where the letter of the law is followed rather than the spirit. It has no reference to ethics, morals, or common sense. Nobody is allowed to think for themselves. All you have to do is adhere to the established guidelines. Its purpose is to free the person from any complex thoughts or feelings of guilt, because if you follow the text of the law, your acts will always be regarded correct. If something went wrong, no one could blame you. Some people experience bullying and domineering behaviour as a result of it.

As a result, when doctors first encountered the corona virus, their first approach was to segregate those who were infected. The government’s medical recommendation would be to take immediate action. They cautioned them that unless they took urgent action, a large number of people would perish and medical facilities would be overwhelmed. Please keep in mind that the medical profession is unconcerned about the economy or the lives of those affected by a lockdown. Their sole concern is the preservation of human life.Many of us have learned to understand the concept of freedom as a result of our forced self-isolation. It has also allowed us to reflect on ourselves and learn more about our family.