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Practical Solutions of the 8 Simple Steps for Creating A Vision for Your Business and Life

I just had a conversation with two women about their companies. Both are intelligent and creative individuals who have established successful small businesses in their respective fields. They’d been running their companies for about two years but had only had modest success, and they were both disappointed by the lack of progress. After interacting with them in greater detail, I realised that there was a critical component missing in their businesses that was the root of their stagnation. this post
When I asked them about their business visions, they each went on to explain their current situation and short-term aspirations.
The first lady, whom I’ll call Jennifer, said that she didn’t need much and that she didn’t expect to make a lot of money from her business; rather, she just wanted to be able to help her family. Jennifer then worked out how many customers she’d need to make so much money. She was certain that if she could only hit and keep those numbers, her company would be fine and she would be able to meet her financial obligations.
Jennifer said there was more to her company than just the numbers when I asked if there was anything else she had in mind. She wanted to build on one of her business’s product lines – the one she loved the most – but that was a “way down the road” project. In those few brief moments when Jennifer began to speak about expanding her company, I could feel her excitement level rise…but Jennifer quickly pulled herself away from the vision, relegating it to the “one day” category. As she returned to “truth,” I felt her energy deflate.
The second woman, whom I’ll call Mary, was equally concerned with the revenue her businesses needed to fulfil her obligations. As Mary talked about the stresses of her everyday life and how she felt pulled in different directions, I could hear a lot of tension in her voice. She was unsure of what she should do next with her business.

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