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Plantation shutters can increase the value and efficiency of your home.

Looking for a way to improve the look and value of your home? Plantation shutters are a great option. Shutters, a type of window treatment that dates back to the Caribbean and the American south in the 18th and 19th centuries, are making a comeback, with examples popping up in many modern homes.Learn more by visiting Vinyl Plantation Shutters Near Me

Plantation shutters are just as adaptable as traditional blinds or shades, and they add an elegant touch to any room. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used in both vintage and modern settings. For a truly unique look, they can be made into round, arched, or other window shapes. However, the appealing appearance of these wooden shutters is only the start of their appeal. They also include:
Plantation shutters were the only way to protect a home’s occupants from the elements during the plantation era, before window glass became commonplace. People would open the shutters to let in fresh air or a cool breeze, then close them tight in the summer, winter, or during a strong storm. They were also good at monitoring how much sunlight reached the interior space before electricity became widespread.
Plantation shutters may have many of the same effects in today’s climate-controlled era. They’re good at preventing heat transfer between the inside and outside because they’re built into the window frame and you can close the slats fully. You can use them to filter light by allowing sunlight to enter only through the slats or fully opening the shutters. Because of these characteristics, the lighting, heating, and cooling systems may not have to work as hard, resulting in lower bills.
An Excellent Long-Term Investment
Hanging curtains or vertical blinds is not the same as installing plantation shutters. Instead of being suspended from a rod or a sliding bar, plantation shutters are built-in. They’re usually made of wood or a wood substitute, and they’re a strong design element in the space. They’re as much a part of the home’s construction as they are a decorative feature once they’re mounted.
What does all of this imply for your investment? Plantation shutters are, first and foremost, timeless and flexible. Without removing the shutters, you can redecorate the room several times, even dramatically. To keep them looking their best, you can just need a fresh coat of paint or a coat of stain.
Prospective home buyers want interior shutters as well. They have the potential to increase the value of your home more than any other window treatment, including specialty window treatments like Roman shades. Installing shutters made of high-quality materials will improve the value even more. You’ll be glad you choose plantation shutters if you decide to sell your home in the future.

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Faux Wood Blinds – Great For Those Who Like the Look of Wood

If you’re considering getting some new blinds for your house, why not consider going with a set of Tacoma faux wood blinds? These blinds that look like real wood, but the material is much more lightweight and affordable. They are a great addition to any home, because they allow the light to filter through to your rooms while keeping the warmth in. In fact, many homes use them because they help maintain the proper temperature in the winter and keep the heat in during the summer. special info Southern Custom Shutters (Tacoma) – Tacoma faux wood blinds

The wood used in these blinds is a durable kind that will not warp, crack or rot. That means that over the years these blinds will keep looking good without having to change them out. They are available in various colors and styles and can be found at most home improvement stores and online. You can even find them at some furniture stores that specialize in blinds.

One thing to keep in mind is that faux wood blinds are not blinds that can be opened and closed like conventional blinds can. If you’d like to take them down, you have to take them apart first. It’s best to do this professionally so you can get them installed properly and so they will stay in proper shape for years to come.