Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Give You a Smile Makeover

Genetics is no longer the only factor that determines whether or not you have a great smile. You can also sculpt a beautiful smile for yourself with the help of your cosmetic dentist’s simple remedies. Dentistry is no longer limited to tooth extraction, filling, or the placement of dentures or bridges. Cosmetic dentistry is a new and rapidly growing specialty of dentistry that is gaining popularity for treating various dental issues such as cracked, uneven, or discoloured teeth. To help you get that beautiful smile, these dentists also work on your gums and lips.

Cosmetic dentists are becoming more common, and if you have teeth problems, you may find a cosmetic dentist near you. The following are some of the services that your cosmetic dentist can provide:

Teeth whitening – laser teeth whitening by your cosmetic dentist is more effective than over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments, and it’s quick, easy, and long-lasting. The colour of your teeth can change dramatically in a single sitting, giving you a brilliant, white grin virtually instantaneously.You may find more details about this at Lifetime Family Dental – Kaysville Dentist.

Dental implants might help you cover gaps in your smile if you have a lost tooth. To complete your smile, natural-looking teeth are inserted into the jawbone.

A dental bridge is a long-term replacement for a lost tooth. A artificial tooth is attached to a screw that is inserted into your jaw. The prosthetic tooth blends in with the surrounding teeth and fills in the gap. It can linger for months, years, or even a lifetime.

Dental fillings – in the past, tooth cavities were filled with metal fillings, which looked unsightly. Fillings are now the same colour as your teeth thanks to advances in aesthetic dentistry. This provides you a more natural appearance and avoids embarrassment in public.

Gum surgery – gum surgery can occur as a result of gum disease, although it is usually done in dentistry to improve your smile. When the gums shrink due to age, disease, or natural causes, your dentist will use tissue from the roof of your mouth to replace it at the gums, giving it a fuller appearance.